Retzer’s Roll Home

Our traveling days may have come and gone but our journey is far from over.  

For a little over a year we made our camper our home.  We have squeezed 5 people & 2 pets into this 36 ft fifth wheel.  It hasn’t always been easy but we have always made it work! 

Living in a camper has taught us many things.  It has taught us that we have far more than we need.  It has taught us that to live simple is a wonderful way of life.  It has taught us that “things” take so much away from what is really important.  And most importantly it has taught us that our family can work through anything as long as we do it together!  

Choosing to live in the camper opened many doors for us and allowed us to travel & see God’s great creation before settling back down. It allowed us the freedom to move wherever Jeff took a job.  We never had to worry about moving from one house to another.  It was a great way to transition from Army life to the civilian world with far less stress of how to make it work.  

It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun.  We experienced many hardships that deeply changed our lives.  With the good and the bad our faith in God always brought us through and will continue through our next stage of life. 

As we now prepare to move into our new home I will forever cherish the memories made in our tiny camper! 

It’s now time for Retzer’s to roll on HOME! 

Getting into the driveway was a bit of a challenge but Jeff is a pro at this now! 

 Our new home! 

Please pray for us as we get settled into our home! 

Colorado Springs 

I am so thankful Colorado Springs fit into our travels! We arrived on Friday afternoon, got set up, ate lunch, and headed out to explore Garden of the Gods.

This was inside the visitors center.

Loved all the rock formations! 


More rocks to climb on. 

This little guy had so much fun working his little legs. 

I love how he wrinkles his little nose. 

Truly a neat place! 

Saturday was a rainy day so first we took Trenton for a haircut.  Colton wasn’t sure what to think. Not sure he recognized him! 

Then we headed to the Pioneer Museum.The kids enjoyed this area agree there could dress up.  

Cool elevator! 

 Since it was a rainy day we went back to the camper early and was able to get some things done. Like snuggle time. 

And laundry. 

Sunday we enjoyed morning worship where we ran into some friends and spent the evening in the home of some other friends.  We were grateful for their hospitality!  The kids loved getting to hang out and reconnect with their friends. 
All along this journey we have been blessed!  We left our home town March 13th for an adventure of a lifetime!  We had no idea what God had in store for us. Yes we had lots of struggles especially in the beginning,  but we are going back with memories to last a lifetime! This part of our adventure has come to an end but we look ahead to new beginnings! Retzer’s roll on rejoicing always in the Lord!

Retzer’s Rolled the Rocky’s 

Thursday after parking the camper the Retzer’s rolled through the Rocky Mountains National Park. What a beautiful place! The sky was gorgeous! 

Lots of Elk

The mountains are beautiful but check out that sky!

This little guy ran his little legs off chasing the girls!

We couldn’t drive any farther due to the roads being closed but they allowed people to get out and walk so up the mountain we went. 

Just a bit of snow. 

Hard to read but Jeff put “Rolling w/ Retzer’s”. 

Colton loved the snow! 

They had fun throwing snowballs at each other and over the edge. 

Once Grandpa threw one over the edge Colton had to as well. 

 It is gorgeous up here! 

The rocks were a bit too wet & icy to climb.

Time to head back down the mountain.

 Once again we are feeling grateful for this adventure!  The sites we have seen have been amazing.  

Retzer’s Roll through Wyoming 

Monday Retzer’s rolled through Wyoming!  The drive through felt like a mini grand canyon. It was really cool!

Tuesday was a bit of a wet chilly day.  Wednesday we woke up to it snowing. First time I’ve ever saw snow in May!

Once it cleared up we headed to downtown Cheyenne. 

Inside an old train station.

Sophia & Colton enjoyed the horses. We were going to take them on the carriage ride but it was still a bit chilly out for a 25 minute ride.

After visiting downtown we decided to head into Nebraska and see if we could find the tri-state corner and the Panorama Point. I couldn’t find directions to the tri-state corner so we followed mapquest down dirt roads  & through fields to get to the Panorama Point. 

And here it is the highest point in Nebraska. 

 This view is quite different from all the others I have shared so far.  

Found this sign and hoped it wouldn’t lead us astray.

Finally we ended up here! The tri-state corner! 

We left Colton here in Colorado! Everyone else went to different states.

Then they rotated.

This is what Colorado looks like when you are standing in Wyoming and Nebraska. Later I’m sure I’ll have quite a different view of this state. 

Today we will journey on. Please continue to pray that God will be watching over us! 


Retzer’s rolled in to Utah for the weekend. It was a beautiful drive. 

Sunday after Evening services we rolled to Antelope Island.

A quick family picture.  The Great Salt Lake is behind us.  We had to hurry for a picture because the gnats were terrible! 

The Bison were a little too close for comfort for me.  Jeff thought it was great.  Sophia wanted to pet one. Samantha was scared to death & Trenton was fine with it (his words).

Crossing the road behind us. 

Found the Antelope!

And witnessed an amazing sunset across the Great Salt Lake! 

Crossing back over. 

Utah was not in our plan but we are making the most of every state we pass through.  And because we didn’t make it to Oregon & Washington only means we must do this again!

Rolling East

Retzer’s are rolling but not the way that was planned.  Once we left Ft. Beale we blew another tire.  Finally we got it changed out and got back on the road with an extra passenger joining us. We are so excited to have our grandbaby with us! 

I am enjoying all the loves I can! He is the sweetest grandbaby!

Heading towards the Redwoods.

Here was a neat little town we passed going through. These old buildings were cool. 

But we did not make it. The truck was not shifting going through the mountains and started overheating. We spent the night in a parking lot and the next morning headed back to Redding, California. We had the transmission fluid & filters changed and tried again. First mountain no problems.  2nd mountain and we were back to not shifting.  
We turned around and decided to head to Illinois.  We spent 2 nights in Reno with some great friends there. They took us to visit the Donner Party Museum.  It was a fascinating story! This statue represents how high the snow was.  It was up to their feet!   And we thought we were having troubles getting through! 

The kids had a blast hanging out at their house having nerf gun wars and I loved getting to visit with the Boutcher family! 
We have chosen a whole new route to go back on and are disappointed with what we are missing but we still have lots of beautiful country to see along this path.  

Yesterday we went through snow.  We have heard there is a snow storm this weekend coming through Colorado that we are thankfully missing. We have heard the path we are taking through Utah & Colorado is gorgeous. 

Going through the mountain. Glad we got to go through and not over! 

Please pray for us as we roll back to the East! We still have lots of mountain area to get through! Should be smooth sailing once we get through the Rocky’s. We are still arriving in Illinois at the planned time just rolling through different states to get there.

Yosemite National Park 

Retzer’s rolled to Yosemite! What a beautiful site to see! It was a very long day but worth it.

Victoria was excited to get to go too! 

I love these pictures of the kids! The view is breathtaking!  Our family selfies didn’t come out. Not good timing for my camera to stop working in selfie mode! 

Walking to one of the waterfalls the parking lot was a bit wet. Trying to keep our shoes dry we crossed on logs.Victoria was a mess after this area. Lol!

Jeff and Samantha watched from afar for this waterfall because you could feel the misting from a distance.  It was amazing! This was as close as I could get without getting too wet.

Sophia catching the water. 

Loved this bridge! It just occured to me that my son is sitting on the side of this bridge with my puppy! 

Now this waterfall was my favorite!  Upper and lower falls.  I made everyone get wet on this one! It was a must see in front of the bridge.  I didn’t get a picture from the bridge as I was trying to keep my phone as dry as possible. 

Had to get a quick selfie before getting too wet. Couldn’t tell it in the picture but no doubt it was spraying us.

Rushing waters from the falls. 

 I told Sophia we might see snow! 

The sky was glowing between the mountains on our drive leaving the park. The picture just doesn’t show it as beautiful as it was. 
Thanking God for this opportunity and His continual watch over us!